Who is Sandy MacKay?

I help Canadians build wealth through real estate and expand their freedom. I am obsessed with finding ways to live a life by design, rather than by default.

With more than 10 years in the real estate industry, Sandy is an experienced investor, a real estate entrepreneur, and a visionary for building generational wealth through real estate.

Sandy Mackay grew up in the Greater Toronto Area and started his real estate career in 2011. By 2012 he began his personal investing journey by buying his first property in Oshawa, Ontario. He eventually put roots down in Hamilton, Ontario seeing the potential that the market had to offer. This led to a career as a realtor with Keller Williams where he started in 2014.

With his expertise in the investment world, he decided to share his knowledge, and since 2014 to date, he Co-hosts the number 1 Canadian real estate investment podcast Breakthrough Real Estate Investment Podcast  (#1 Canadian REI podcast, over 2,000,000+ downloads)

His consistent and strategic work has led him to build multiple million-dollar businesses in real estate including a realtor team selling 300+ units a year, a property management company, and an investment company. Sandy’s success can be attributed largely to his ability to build and lead teams. 

In 2021, continually seeking to diversify and expand the business, he launched Keller Williams Legacies Realty in Vaughan, Ontario where he is the Operating Principal. The brokerage grew to over 100 realtors within its first year of operation. 

His passion for building generational wealth not only for himself but for all his partners and clients had led him to a new ambitious project…Essential Real Estate Partners. Sandy Partnered up with top investors to consolidate a real estate fund management firm with private partnerships in Canada to deploy in multi-residential, affordable housing, mixed-use, and development opportunities.

His passion is helping others to achieve financial freedom, build generational wealth, and live epic lives.