Building Momentum Through Clarity and Joy

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Dear friends,

Joy in your day to day activities stems from knowing your numbers. When you wake up everyday with clarity on where you’re headed, you become a magnet for joy and happiness.

Last week I talked about the importance of your financial numbers and how to achieve financial freedom.

But we know life is about far more than just financial freedom.

And financial freedom alone does not bring us joy or happiness in the long term.

There are other parts of life that are more important.

All of them can be uplifted by a surge of momentum.

Building Momentum

One of my favourite aspects of watching and playing sports is the power of momentum.

I’ve been watching some of the NHL playoffs lately and momentum is the most fascinating and exciting part of the game.

The energy changes when someone delivers a big hit at a key time, a goalie makes a big save on a breakaway, or a team scores seconds before the end of a period.

These are momentum shifts. And they happen all game back and forth. Usually it’s the team who creates the most momentum shifts in their favour that ends up winning the game.

If you want to thrive financially, physically, spiritually, mentally an/or socially then you will require momentum shifts in your favour.

Momentum moves the energy and vibrations in your favour so you can become the person needed to attract the success you’re looking for.

Momentum makes what’s already easy, even easier. It makes what’s difficult, more manageable. It makes the impossible possible.

It’s an extremely powerful sense of energy. But where does momentum come from?

The answer for me, in every area of my life, has been that momentum comes from joy. And joy is not to be confused with happiness.

Happiness is more of a noun, where joy is a verb.

And regardless what type of words they are, joy is simply more achievable day to day.

Happiness often seems far away and unachievable. Whereas joy can be created in a moment. And it’s in those moments where momentum can shift for you.

Joy comes from 2 main ingredients.

First and foremost, gratitude. But you’ve heard me talk about that many times already. Nothing can replace gratitude.

The 2nd important ingredient is clarity.

Clarity on where you’re going, not necessarily how to get there. The how will become clear as you build momentum.

Clarity on your financial freedom number will help you wake up with more joy for your finances.

Clarity on your specific health goals will bring joy to the uncomfortable habits you need to build to achieve those goals.

Joy is essential to build and/or shift momentum to ultimately create happiness.

What can you do to add more clarity and joy to your life today?

Big “Earth Shattering” Momentum Shifts

One of the most exciting things about momentum shifts is that the bigger they are, the more exciting they are. The more joy they ultimately create.

Going from $100 in debt to $100 in net worth is a lot different than going from $100,000 in debt to $100,000 in net worth.

Getting out of $100,000 in debt will require more joy than $100 in debt would. AND it will create massive momentum for yourself and others around you in the process.

This is why so many people with high net worths have also been broke and/or bankrupt at some point in their lives.

The momentum needed for them to move from that level of pain back to “normal” was so powerful that it shot them right though “normal” and into ultra high net worth status.

The resources needed to bring them to that level showed up because they were attracted to that momentum.

Without momentum, you will not attract financial success. The resources you want will instead run the other way towards others who do have momentum.

So decide today that you’re going to create more clarity and joy in your life.

The momentum you’re craving will then start to show up, and you’ll be on your way.

Just don’t expect it to be easy. There’s a reason the big “earth shattering” hit, doesn’t happen on every shift in the NHL.

If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

Until next week! ✌🏻

– Sandy Mackay