The 8 Step Process to Increasing Your Income

Not Subscribed yet? Do you want to increase your income in 2023? While many people are being laid off and let go, YOU can take advantage of this economy and set yourself on a path to financial wealth. Whether you’re running your own business or you’re part of another’s business, YOU can take control over […]

Money Can Expand Your Happiness

Not Subscribed yet? Dear friends, Are you pursuing happiness, or expanding happiness? I’ve been really intrigued over the past few years about happiness. When building more awareness around this topic, I’ve learned 3 really important things. 1. Happiness is simple, yet difficult.2. Happiness starts internally.3. Money does play a significant role in your happiness. In […]

Should We Avoid Winter?

Not Subscribed yet? Dear friends, For most of my life I craved living in a location with warm weather and endless sunshine. You’ve probably considered this too if you grew up in Canada. Growing up here seemed to provide no such opportunity for this. There’s been discussion about Turks and Caicos becoming our 11th province, […]

Why Lottery Winners Go Broke

Not Subscribed yet? Dear friends, Do you know what it truly means to be a millionaire? I will admit that I did not understand what it meant for a long time. I mean, I understood the math around it. If someone has $1,000,000 sitting in their bank account then they are a millionaire. Can’t argue […]

The Truth About Multiple Income Streams

Not Subscribed yet? One of the keys to achieving financial independence is building multiple streams of income. People say this all the time, but I don’t think many make time to think beyond simply “multiple streams of income.” How many streams of income do you really need?What types do you need? Multiple streams of $1/month […]

Why I’ll Live to 150+

Not Subscribed yet? Dear friends, As I set out to write to you this week, I had the realization that this would be going out on February 25th. My 37th birthday! I don’t know about you, but every birthday for me since my early 20s has got me thinking about time. Time that I’ve existed […]

The Self Awareness Hack

Not Subscribed yet? 7 years ago I watched a video from Gary Vaynerchuk that changed my life. It’s a video I still go back to regularly because I believe the message is so true and concise. It’s about self awareness. Check it out (2 min video)… Timing in life is so critical. This video hit […]

The Next Buzzword

Not Subscribed yet? “What does wealth mean to you?” This was a question asked to our wealth panel at the inaugural Vaughan Investors Club meetup 10 days ago. I’ve been pondering this question in the past week during my thinking time. BTW thinking time makes up between 15-45 mins of my typical weekday morning routine. I’ll write […]