How to Not Be Most People

Not Subscribed yet? I am sensing a lot of fear right now from most people about the economy. It seems to be a topic in nearly every business interaction I am having lately. Right after a couple jabs at the gloomy weather, comes the concern about the economy. How are you handling the market right […]

Becoming courageous in a world full of fear

Not Subscribed yet? It took me 23 years to realize that I had the ultimate power to change my life. My upbringing didn’t matter. My skills didn’t matter. My looks didn’t matter. My current environment didn’t matter. All of those things certainly can make a difference. But they don’t make THE difference. THE difference maker. […]

Achievements are limiting your happiness

Not Subscribed yet? Your achievements from 2022 are already forgotten by most of the world. They’re useless to you in 2023. Forget about them. I’ve already reflected, and moved on from mine. This letter will explain why… You will never gain sustained happiness by focussing on your achievements. Sustained happiness comes from fulfillment. And fulfillment […]