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I’ve always been a very introspective person. I spend a lot of my time thinking about myself and who I am.

Often as a kid and young adult, these internal thoughts were not very positive.

I would criticize myself a lot. A lot of the time it was about being shy and quiet. I didn’t view this as a good thing and found every reason for it to be a negative personality trait.

Thankfully I was thrown into a lot of sports, and sports gradually forced me to change my perspective.

It took a long time, but eventually I realized some of the powers of being a generally shy person.

When you’re labeled as being shy, people don’t expect you to talk directly or with authority. So when you do, you surprise them. They take it seriously, and you’re able to influence them.

Shyness is just as much of a superpower as any other personality trait.

It’s also as much of a disadvantage as any other personality trait.

It all depends on your perspective of it.

How you view your natural gifts in life, will determine the choices you make, and those choices will determine your life.

Your greatest gifts are often found in the things you dislike most about yourself.

Having no money right now will be an incredible gift if you use it wisely.

So will having millions of dollars.

You could be too short, too tall, too quiet, too loud, too ugly, too beautiful, too slow, too fast etc. They’re all gifts. They just may be missing the right perspective.

Take time to consider your perspective about yourself and where you may need to make some changes.

“We become what we think about.” – Earl Nightingale.

Back in 2014 on our podcast, Rob and I released an episode, which is mostly a recording from Earl Nightingale.

I encourage you to listen to it and think about what your perspective is on yourself and your life. It’s still one of my favourite episodes that we ever released.

You can listen to it here:

The Drew Maggi Story

Unless you’re a huge major league baseball or Pittsburgh Pirates fan then I doubt you noticed this story a couple of weeks ago.

Drew Maggi had played 1155 games in the minor leagues. The minor leagues are where the players who haven’t quite gotten good enough to play in the major leagues play.

They make far less money than those in the majors, and often they need second jobs just to get by.

The best players go through the minor leagues quickly and end up with the major league baseball teams making major league money. Usually multiple millions of dollars per year.

Drew Maggi was not one of those guys. It took him 13 years to get his call to the major leagues, which finally came on April 23rd, 2023.

The video of his coach calling him up is amazing. He talks about their teams focus on perspective, choice and grit.

Your perspective on any situation, leads to the choices you get to make. The choices you make ultimately will determine your level of grit. And grit will often lead to opportunities in life.

There are thousands of minor league baseball players who have played multiple seasons in minor league baseball before retiring and going on to live a more “normal life.”

Imagine how difficult it would be to show up year after year and never get your shot.

Imagine what Drew’s perspective must have been every year going into the season.

Imagine the people in his life must be suggesting to him.

Would you be able to keep showing up every year and playing for your dream?

Minor league baseball players in their 30’s are rare. They’re usually regular major league players going through some injury challenges and working to get their game back. Then they’ll be recalled shortly to go back to the major leagues.

Most teams don’t bother keeping 30+ year olds around on their minor league teams.

They’re taking the place of a more youthful player who could be a full time major leaguer one day. The odds of a 30+ year old all of a sudden becoming great are slim to none.

Drew Maggi made the unique choice to show up and keep pushing for his chance to play in the majors though.

To do this, his perspective on his situation must be one of hope and opportunity every year.

Most people do not think this way. And most people don’t end up with any sort of grit because of that.

Drew Maggi can carry the label of being a gritty, hard working person now for everything he does. And he deserves that.

You deserve that too. But first, what’s your perspective?

Here’s the video of Drew being called up.

Until next week! ✌🏻

– Sandy Mackay