Wealth is 80% ______

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Wealth is 80% psychology…and 20% mechanics.

I spent last weekend in the Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery virtual event and this was one of my biggest takeaways.

I know it may be obvious to some of you that a wealthy mindset is important to achieving your wealth goals. But do your choices reflect that you know this?

Are you focussed on getting rich, or thinking rich?

Most people are focussed on getting rich. That’s the mechanics part of it. The how to. And their actions reflect this.

Getting rich without thinking rich is a recipe for disappointment.

It’s why lottery winners often go broke. They got lucky and skipped past the most important step…thinking rich.

Thinking rich is the foundation of being wealthy financially. It’s how the famous book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill  got its name. It’s think and grow rich, not grow rich and think, or get rich and think.

Some questions you could ask yourself around this might be:

  • Who do I need to become in order to earn the wealth I desire?
  • Am I working on my thinking enough to earn the wealth I desire?
  • Are the people around me providing the environment needed to cultivate a wealthy mindset?
  • Who do I need to spend more time with to learn about growing a wealthy mindset?
  • Am I thinking like a wealthy person?
  • Am I growing my thinking every day?

In my observations, most people don’t spend anywhere near enough energy on growing their thinking. And they simply will never become rich or wealthy because of it.

Tony Robbins says, “The quality of your decisions will determine the quality of your life.”

Your decisions are a result of your thinking. So it makes sense to work on that thinking and to optimize it. 

I have time blocked off every morning in my calendar for purposeful mindset growth.

I think you should too!

Until next week! ✌🏻

– Sandy Mackay